Norse Prosperity Spell: Invoking the Blessings of the Vanir for Abundance

Norse Prosperity Spell: Invoking the Blessings of the Vanir for Abundance

In Norse mythology, the Vanir stand as a formidable tribe of gods, embodying the essence of fertility, abundance, and the bounties of the natural world. Among their ranks are revered figures such as Freyr, the god of fertility and prosperity, Freyja, the goddess of love, fertility, and magic, and Njord, the god of the sea and wealth.

Unlike the Æsir, their counterparts in Norse mythology, the Vanir are closely associated with the earth's cycles, agriculture, and the blessings of the harvest. They symbolize the cyclical nature of life, growth, and renewal, making them pivotal deities in matters of abundance and prosperity. Devotees turn to the Vanir in times of need, seeking their favor and blessings to ensure the fertility of the land, the success of endeavors, and the overall prosperity of their communities.

Through rituals, offerings, and acts of reverence, practitioners of Norse paganism honor the Vanir and seek to align themselves with the natural rhythms of the earth, tapping into the divine energy that flows through all living things. By forging a connection with the Vanir, followers of Norse spirituality endeavor to cultivate a harmonious relationship with the land, the elements, and the forces of abundance, inviting blessings of prosperity into their lives and communities.

This spell draws from ancient Nordic traditions and is accessible to practitioners of any knowledge base. It seeks to invoke the blessings of the Vanir gods and to receive their rewards in life. It also serves to align you more closely with the cycles of nature and the earth. Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of the Norse pantheon, this ritual will empower you to manifest financial abundance and prosperity in alignment with the energies of Norse mythology.



Norse Prosperity Spell: Invoking the Blessings of the Vanir for Abundance


Materials Needed:

  • An altar space
  • Green candle representing wealth and prosperity
  • Offering of mead, ale, bread, or meat
  • A small dish, glass, or plate
  • Herbs: either mugwort, rosemary, vervain, or chamomile


Instructions: (I recommend that you read them the whole way through first and then again as you perform the rite)


1. Preparation: Begin by preparing your altar space. Clean it. Cleanse the space with sacred smoke, salt, or water. If you have a typical clearing ritual that you do, do that. If not simply take some incense or something of the like and picture the altar being cleared and cleansed as you cover it with smoke, salt, or specks of moon water.


2. Invocation: Call upon the Vanir, the gods associated with fertility, wealth, and prosperity, by name, inviting their presence and blessings into your ritual space. If you wish to work specifically with Freyr or Freya, etc speak to them directly. If you wish to call upon them all, simply address them as the Vanir. Call to them as if you are inviting them into your space.


As you do, light the green candle on your altar, symbolizing the energy of prosperity and abundance. Take a moment to center yourself and clear your mind. Feel their presence as they come to you.


3. Offering: Place your offering of mead, ale, bread or meat on your altar as a token of gratitude and respect for the gods and goddesses you will be working with. Say out loud that you are giving them this offering. Speak with them as you would an old friend that you know, trust, and have respect for. Also, take a small handful of the herbs and hold them in your hands. Close your eyes and visualize them infused with the vibrant energy of abundance and wealth. Then place them in the dish as additional offerings.



5. Incantation: Speak out loud the following words 3 times, getting louder each time:


"By the blessings of the Vanir, wealth and abundance flow,

From the realms of Asgard to our world below.

With gratitude and reverence, I call upon their might,

To manifest prosperity, bringing blessings bright.

As I will, so mote it be, in harmony and grace,

By the power of the gods, abundance fills this space."



6. Closing: Express your gratitude to the Vanir for their presence and blessings. Allow the candle to burn down completely (while following proper fire safety), knowing that your intentions have been heard and will manifest in divine timing.


By performing this Norse prosperity spell with sincerity and reverence, you can tap into the blessings of the Vanir to manifest financial abundance and prosperity in your life. May the Gods bless you in all that you do.


- Völva

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