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A Heathen's Raid

A Tea Witch's Grimoire

A Tea Witch's Grimoire

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Embark on a enchanting journey into the realm of tea magic with "A Tea Witch's Grimoire" by the esteemed author Susana Harlow. Drawing upon her rich heritage of tea witchcraft passed down from her grandmother, Harlow presents a treasure trove of magical recipes, spells, and rituals to infuse your tea time with potent enchantment.

From aromatic teas and elixirs to mystical potions and concoctions, each recipe in this grimoire is meticulously crafted to cater to a myriad of intentions, whether it be prosperity, protection, mental clarity, love, or beauty. Let the aromatic steam of your brews carry your intentions to the universe as you sip from the cup of magic.

Delve into the wisdom of the Wheel of the Year, honor the phases of the moon, and align with the energies of your astrological sign as you explore the diverse array of tea rituals presented in this book. Discover how to incorporate crystals into your tea magic, harnessing their unique energies to amplify your spells and intentions.

Additionally, "A Tea Witch's Grimoire" features a comprehensive section on recipe ingredients and their correspondences with specific energetic qualities and goals, empowering you to create customized brews tailored to your magical needs.

Whether you're seeking to celebrate the turning of the seasons, navigate the phases of the moon, or manifest your deepest desires, "A Tea Witch's Grimoire" is your indispensable guide to the magical world of tea.

Format: Paperback

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