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A Heathen's Raid

Cord Cutting Spellkit

Cord Cutting Spellkit

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Description: Navigate the intricate balance between protection and release with the Cord Cutting or Banishing Ritual Kit by Magic Fairy Candles, an essential collection designed to enhance your magical journey with purpose and clarity. Understanding the distinction between banishing and cord cutting spells is crucial in magic, as each serves a unique purpose in purging negative energies and releasing emotional attachments.

Banishing spells act as a shield against external threats, purging negative influences and protecting your energy field. Cord cutting spells, on the other hand, help release emotional attachments and enhance inner strength, allowing for healing and spiritual growth. Either can be done with this kit. 

Included in this kit:
- 2 Black Chime Candles
- White Chime Candle
- 2 Chime Candle Holders
- A piece of cord
- Black Salt
- Mugwort Bundle
- Gold Intention Paper
- Spell Guide

Harness the power of both banishing and cord cutting rituals to create a balanced and purposeful magical journey. Whether you're seeking protection, healing, or spiritual growth, let the Cord Cutting and Banishing Ritual Kit be your guide to greater clarity and empowerment.

*For external use only. Follow the provided spell guide for best results.*

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