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A Heathen's Raid

Love Spellfire

Love Spellfire

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Description: Enhance your love spells and rituals with this Love Spellfire. This specially crafted Spellfire is designed for love, attraction, romance, and relationship work, infusing your spellwork with potent magical energy. This unique blend of corresponding herbs in an isopropyl alcohol base ensures a quick and powerful ignition, making it a potent tool for manifesting love and romance in your life.


  1. Before performing love spells or rituals, prepare a heat-safe container or cauldron in a well-ventilated area preferably outdoors. 
  2. Add a small splash of Love Spellfire to the container or cauldron.
  3. Carefully light the Spellfire with a long match (hearth match) ensuring you are in a safe environment and far enough away from the flames. It will light immediately therefore a regular match is too short. Do not use a lighter. 
  4. Allow the flames to ignite immediately, engulfing your ritual items and infusing them with magical energy.
  5. After the Spellfire has burned out, dispose of any remaining ashes in a respectful manner.

Important Note: For outdoor use is recommended due to the potential smoke indoors and the immediate ignition caused by the alcohol content. If used indoors, ensure you are in a well-ventilated space away from flammable materials. 18+ only. 

Crafted by: Belladonna's Botanicals

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