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A Heathen's Raid

Protect Ritual Votive Candle

Protect Ritual Votive Candle

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Description: Shield yourself and your sacred space with this Protect votive candle from Pretty Potions Apothecary. Infused with potent energies and crafted with intention, this 3" soy-dipped votive candle exudes the comforting scents of frankincense, sandalwood, clove, and rosemary. Adorned with a blend of herbs, roots, and berries, each element is meticulously chosen to fortify your aura and amplify your inner strength.

Key Features:

Spiritual Protection: Imbued with the protective energies of frankincense, sandalwood, clove, and rosemary, this candle acts as a powerful barrier against negativity and unwanted energies.

Inner Power Amplification: Elevate your personal power and resilience with the empowering blend of herbs, roots, and berries, enhancing your ability to navigate life's challenges.

Versatile Use: Light this candle anytime to create a shield of protection around you or your space. It's ideal for meditation sessions, spellwork, or simply infusing your surroundings with positive energy.

Thoughtful Gift: Perfect for individuals in transition or seeking stability, this votive candle makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for loved ones embarking on new journeys or facing difficult times.

Burn Time: Enjoy 10 to 12 hours of enchanting illumination and protection with each burning session.

Safety Instructions:

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn the candle on a heatproof dish, away from drafts, walls, curtains, and other flammable items. Expect a higher flame initially as the herbs on the candle's surface ignite; this is part of the natural burning process.

Illuminate your spiritual path with the Protection Votive Candle by Pretty Potions Apothecary and embrace the safeguarding energies it offers.

Note: Our products are crafted with care for external use only.

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