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A Heathen's Raid

Abundance Ritual Salt

Abundance Ritual Salt

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Description: Invite abundance into your life with our Abundance Salt, a carefully hand-blended mixture crafted to attract prosperity and abundance in all its forms. This all-organic blend combines sustainably sourced ingredients including salt, sage, cedar leaf, and rose of Jericho, creating a powerful concoction designed to infuse your space with abundance energy. Best used after smoke cleansing in doorways or windows or in spell preparation, Abundance Salt serves as a potent amplifier, enhancing the manifestation of prosperity and abundance in your life. Crafted by Three Witches Tea Shop, this magical blend is a must-have for any practitioner seeking to manifest abundance and prosperity.

Key Ingredients:

  • Salt: Cleanses and purifies, creating a receptive space for abundance energy.
  • Sage: Clears negative energy and paves the way for abundance to flow.
  • Cedar Leaf: Symbolizes strength and abundance, attracting prosperity and success.
  • Rose of Jericho: Known for its ability to revive and bring new beginnings, the rose of Jericho enhances abundance manifestation.


  • After smoke cleansing: Sprinkle Abundance Salt in doorways or windows to attract prosperity and abundance into your space.
  • Spell Preparation: Incorporate Abundance Salt into your spellwork to amplify the manifestation of abundance and prosperity.

Important Note: Abundance Salt is for ritual and spell use only and is not for consumption.

Crafted by: Three Witches Tea Shop

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