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A Heathen's Raid

Banish Ritual Votive Candle

Banish Ritual Votive Candle

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Description: Unleash the power of purification with this Banish Ritual Herbal Candle, crafted to banish negativity and restore harmony to your surroundings. Infused with a potent blend of herbs and roots, this 2oz votive candle serves as a beacon of light during your cleansing rituals, providing a thorough spiritual cleanse and creating a sanctuary of positive energy.

Key Features:

Spiritual Cleansing: Harness the cleansing properties of this ritual candle to exorcise negativity and dispel unwanted energies from your space, leaving behind a sense of spiritual clarity and renewal.

Herbal Alchemy: Fixed with a carefully curated selection of herbs and roots, each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen to facilitate a deep and thorough purification process, ensuring that your space is free from lingering negativity.

Ritualistic Power: Designed for use in ritual settings, this candle empowers you to perform spiritual clean sweeps, making it ideal for banishing stubborn energies or entities, purifying your space after intense energy work, or cleansing a new home.

Versatile Application: Whether you're conducting a formal ritual or simply seeking to refresh your environment, this candle serves as a versatile tool for spiritual purification and energetic renewal.

Compact Size: The 2oz votive size offers convenience and portability, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your spiritual practice wherever you go.

Illuminate Your Path: Let the gentle glow of this Banish Ritual Spell Candle guide you towards a space of serenity and balance, where negativity is banished and harmony reigns supreme.

Safety Instructions:

Always monitor burning candles and never leave them unattended. Burn the candle on a heatproof surface, away from flammable materials and drafts. As the candle burns, expect the herbs and roots to interact with the flame, enhancing the cleansing process. But be aware as they need monitored. Embrace the transformative power of spiritual purification with our Banish Ritual Spell Candle, and welcome a new era of clarity and positivity into your life.

Note: For external use only

Crafted by: Pretty Potions Apothecary

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