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A Heathen's Raid

Black Cat Ritual Oil

Black Cat Ritual Oil

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Introducing this enchanting Black Cat Ritual Oil, meticulously crafted from a traditional recipe by Pretty Potions Apothecary. Infused with bay laurel, cinnamon, chili pepper, sage, vanilla absolute, and a blend of other potent ritual herbs and oils, this richly scented elixir is your key to attracting luck and dispelling minor hexes.

Designed for witches seeking fortune and protection, this lucky oil serves as a daily talisman when worn as a perfume, surrounding you with an aura of positivity and safeguarding against negative energies. Enhance your bathing rituals by adding a dropper full of this magical oil to your bathwater, amplifying its effects and inviting abundance into your life.

In the realm of witchcraft, the black cat symbolizes not misfortune but good luck, particularly in the realms of gambling and sports. Harness the auspicious energy of the black cat by anointing petition papers for money and tucking them into your wallet, or by adorning lottery tickets, tip jars, and cash registers at your business establishment.

Unlock the full potential of this ritual oil by anointing candles, sigils, petition papers, crystals, mojo bags, poppets, and other sacred objects in your practice.

Remember, this ritual oil is intended for external use only. Perform a patch test for sensitive skin and avoid ingestion.

Crafted by: Pretty Potions Apothecary

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