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A Heathen's Raid

Cedar Bundle

Cedar Bundle

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Description: Embrace the purifying power of cedar with our Bundle of Cedar, sustainably sourced by Three Witches Tea Shop. Each bundle is meticulously crafted from cedar leaves, perfect for cleansing a space, item, or mindset. Measuring between 3-4 inches, these bundles offer a convenient and effective way to clear away negative energies and invite positivity and clarity into your life. Whether used in rituals, ceremonies, or daily practices, our Bundle of Cedar is a versatile tool for spiritual purification and renewal.

Key Features:

  • Sustainably Sourced: Each bundle of cedar leaves is responsibly and ethically sourced by Three Witches Tea Shop, ensuring environmental sustainability.
  • Cleansing Properties: Cedar is renowned for its purifying and protective qualities, making it ideal for clearing away negative energy and creating sacred space.
  • Versatile Use: Use the cedar bundle to cleanse a space, item, or mindset, or incorporate it into rituals, ceremonies, or meditation practices.
  • Size: Each bundle measures between 3-4 inches, providing ample cedar leaves for effective cleansing and purification.


  • Space Cleansing: Light the bundle and allow the smoke to waft through the air, focusing on areas in need of cleansing and purification.
  • Item Cleansing: Pass the bundle over objects or items to remove stagnant energy and restore vibrancy.
  • Mindset Cleansing: Use the cedar bundle in meditation or mindfulness practices to clear away mental clutter and promote clarity and focus.

Crafted by: Three Witches Tea Shop

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