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A Heathen's Raid

Fishtail Selenite Raw Specimens

Fishtail Selenite Raw Specimens

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Enhance your spiritual practice with these Ethically Sourced Fishtail Selenite Raw Specimens, carefully selected to provide cleansing and clarity. Sourced with ethical practices in mind, each specimen weighs between 100-149 grams and carries the pure and high vibrational energy of selenite. Use these raw specimens to cleanse your aura, clear negative energies, and amplify your connection to higher realms.

Spiritual Properties:

  • Cleansing: Clears stagnant energy from your aura and surroundings, promoting a sense of purity and renewal.
  • Clarity: Enhances mental clarity, focus, and intuition, aiding in decision-making and spiritual insight.
  • Spiritual Connection: Facilitates communication with higher realms and spirit guides, deepening your spiritual practice and intuition.

How to Use:

  1. Energy Cleansing: Use the Fishtail Selenite Raw Specimens to sweep your aura or the energy field of your space, releasing any negative or stagnant energy.
  2. Meditation: Hold the specimen in your hand during meditation to deepen your connection to higher realms and enhance spiritual clarity and insight.
  3. Crystal Grids: Place the specimen at the center of a crystal grid to amplify its cleansing and clarifying energy and support spiritual growth and development.
  4. Altar Decor: Display the specimen on your altar as a symbol of purification and spiritual awakening, incorporating it into rituals or ceremonies focused on cleansing and clarity.


  • Material: Fishtail Selenite
  • Weight: 100-149 grams
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