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A Heathen's Raid

Flower Agate Palm Stone

Flower Agate Palm Stone

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Embrace the gentle energy of growth and transformation with this Flower Agate Palm Stone, a mesmerizing gemstone known for its unique floral patterns and nurturing properties. Each palm stone, weighing between 100-124 grams, carries the essence of blooming flowers and new beginnings, making it a powerful companion for those seeking personal growth, healing, and positive change.

Spiritual Properties:

  • Growth: Encourages personal growth, expansion, and self-discovery, supporting you as you navigate life's journey and evolve into your highest potential.
  • Transformation: Facilitates inner transformation and renewal, helping you release old patterns and embrace new opportunities with courage and grace.
  • Nurturing: Provides a nurturing and supportive energy, fostering feelings of comfort, security, and emotional well-being during times of change and transition.

How to Use:

  1. Meditation: Hold the Flower Agate Palm Stone during meditation to connect with its nurturing energy and facilitate inner growth and transformation.
  2. Energy Work: Place the palm stone on your heart chakra or any area of the body in need of healing to activate its gentle and supportive energy.
  3. Decorative Display: Display the palm stone in your sacred space or on your altar as a symbol of growth, transformation, and the beauty of new beginnings.
  4. Personal Empowerment: Carry the palm stone with you throughout the day as a talisman or touchstone, reminding you to embrace change and blossom into your true self.


  • Material: Flower Agate
  • Weight: 100-124 grams
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