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A Heathen's Raid

Hedgecrosser: Veil Thinning Mist

Hedgecrosser: Veil Thinning Mist

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In the mystical realm where the living and the spirits intertwine, the thinning of the veil holds profound significance. Embrace the magic of this ethereal connection with Hedgecrosser Veil Thinning Mist. Crafted to assist you in bridging the realms, this mist is a sacred tool for spiritual seekers.

Formulated with intention and ritual under the watchful gaze of the new moon, this mist features the enchanting blend of blue lotus and cinnamon, carefully infused into our essential oil blend. Each mist is a testament to the sacred union of earthly and divine energies.

To utilize this divine mist, simply spray it over your body before embarking on divination, meditation, or any form of sight work. Feel the veil between worlds thinning as you immerse yourself in the mysteries of the spiritual realm. Always spot test and discontinue use if there is a negative reaction. 

Packaged in a convenient 2oz. PET plastic bottle with a mister top, this mist is ready to accompany you on your spiritual journey wherever it may lead.

Crafted by: Pretty Potions Apothecary

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