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A Heathen's Raid

Money Drawing Ritual Oil - Pretty Potions

Money Drawing Ritual Oil - Pretty Potions

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Elevate your wealth manifestation rituals with this potent Money Drawing Ritual Oil, meticulously crafted by Pretty Potions Apothecary. Crafted with a variety of organically harvested herbs and roots, this oil is the key to attracting abundance and prosperity into your life or household.

This Money Drawing Ritual Oil is versatile in its application. Wear it as a personal fragrance to align your aura with financial success, or use it to dress candles for powerful wealth-focused rituals. Enhance the potency of your charm bags, gris-gris, or mojo bags by adding a few drops of this enchanting oil. You can even anoint good luck talismans for an extra boost of prosperity energy.

Remember, this potent elixir is for external use only; avoid ingestion and perform a patch test for sensitive skin before regular use.

Crafted by: Pretty Potions Apothecary

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