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A Heathen's Raid

Ogham Oracle Deck

Ogham Oracle Deck

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Unlock the ancient wisdom of the Celtic Ogham with the Ogham Oracle Deck by Ibiza Tarot. This unique deck features 26 Celtic Ogham cards adorned with ancient symbols for divination. Created by Ibiza Tarot, each card is intricately designed to provide profound insights and guidance on your spiritual journey. Enhance your tarot readings with the added wisdom of the Ogham language and connect with the Celtic spirits for deeper spiritual understanding.

Key Features:

  • Contains 26 Celtic Ogham cards with ancient symbols for divination
  • Created by Ibiza Tarot for clarity and spiritual insight
  • Enhance your tarot readings with the wisdom and insight of the Ogham language
  • Connect with the Celtic spirits and receive guidance on your spiritual journey


  • Number of Cards: 26 Ogham cards
  • Packaging: Envelope Box
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