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A Heathen's Raid

Protection Spellkit

Protection Spellkit

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Guard your magical realm with the Protection Spellkit by Magic Fairy Candles, a powerful collection of ingredients crafted to safeguard your energy and focus your power. As someone deeply connected with the magical realm, you understand that protection is the cornerstone of all spell work—an essential foundation from which all magic flows.

Protection transcends mere precaution; it is a sacred practice that ensures our power is focused and wisely utilized, shielding us from external forces and guiding every incantation, ritual, and magical interaction.

Included in this kit:
- Rue Bundle
- Rusty Nail
- Thorny Rose Stem
- Black Salt
- Organic Dried Rose Petals
- Organic Dried Rosemary
- Black Chime Candle
- Chime Candle Holder
- Black Tourmaline
- Spell Guide

With these potent ingredients, you'll create a protective barrier around your magical space, allowing you to work with confidence and clarity. Whether you're casting spells, performing rituals, or engaging in magical interactions, let the Protection Spellkit be your guardian and guide.

*For external use only. Follow the provided spell guide for best results.*

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