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A Heathen's Raid

Wild Soul Runes

Wild Soul Runes

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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with "Wild Soul Runes" by the insightful author Lara Veleda Vesta. Through a blend of inquiry, original translations, and sacred art, this book invites readers to forge a deep and personal connection with the ancient runes.

At its core, "Wild Soul Runes" is rooted in the belief that each of us holds the innate ability to receive divine guidance through the language of the runes. Rather than dictating predetermined meanings, Lara Veleda Vesta offers an interactive approach for readers to explore and interpret the runes in their own unique way.

Delve into the rich tapestry of runic history, from its mythological roots to its archaeological significance in Old European culture. Discover compelling evidence suggesting a feminine origin of the runes, tracing their lineage to the mystical well of the Norns, the revered female entities embodying the fates in Norse mythology.

Challenge conventional notions of the runes as mere symbols or tools, and instead embrace them as sentient beings with whom we can cultivate a profound relationship. "Wild Soul Runes" empowers readers to establish a connection with these ancient entities through practices rooted in ancestral wisdom, personal insight, and ritual engagement.

With "Wild Soul Runes" as your guide, embark on a journey of discovery, unlocking the boundless wisdom and guidance that the runes have to offer.

Format: Paperback

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